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Design Bits

An online course about design for non-designers by Aalto University.


Learn the basics about design, how designers solve problems, and design tools in this course.


Course structure

The course is divided into the following seven chapters:

Feedback from the students

Thank you for the course, I loved it, because of its structure. All theoretical material was short, consisted definitions, facts, videos and examples from real life. I got myself that it was really enjoyable to study compared to other courses I have now. Thank you.

The most helpful thing that I learnt in this course probably is that the design is not only about visual content or tangible objects, but also as a way of thinking and as a mindset.

Before attending this course I thought of design just as looks. Now instead I think of it as a lot more. Things that especially surprised me in this course were that how much more there is involved in design than I earlier thought.’

I thought maybe the activity in this course might need some passive works like answering mulple-choice questions. However, I was surprised that I had to complete quite creative work to demonstrate and extend my understandings. It was very interesting, and I am looking forward to complete other activities too.

When on other courses I got questions like “What is PSS?” or “Who are stakeholders”, here I got all the answers and examples! It was fantastic and help me in my journey of understanding design!