Chapter  illustration

Chapter 0 Welcome to Design Bits!

We are glad you decided to join us in the journey to learn more about design. As you will see in the course, Design is evolving from designing visuals and products to tackle more complex problems in our society.  

I’m Dr. Emīlija Veselova, design researcher and project employee at the Department of Design, Aalto Univeristy; I am also the responsible teacher for this course. I will reach out to you during the course with updates and to talk about our tutoring sessions via e-mail. But before that, if you have any questions, please send a message to

Each chapter starts with an introductory video from one Aalto professor concerning the topic at hand. In this introduction, we have Turkka Keinonen – Professor of Industrial design and Vice-Dean of Research in ARTS – who will give you an overall view about the course and explain some practicalities to complete the course.